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About CrossWear
Today the sportswear has recognized as an active wear including garments as well as footwear worn all through sports actions with bodily training. These garments are mainly worn due to soothe and security reasons. Standardized sportswear may also serve as a uniform. In every team in a sports competition such as Hockey, Football, Cricket; team members of different teams can be recognized by the color of their clothes. More, a player can be recognized by the number written on the back/front of his/her T-shirt.

The sports-specific clothes are accessible in a multiplicity of designs, sizes, shapes, colors and patterns manufactured in a variety material. A number of the popular sports garments available in the marketplace today are t-shirts, shorts, cycling shorts, tennis shirts, track suits, sweat shirts, sweat pants, jerseys, polo shirts, wet suits, cloves as well as shoes.

Our factory CrossWear has been developing excellent quality sports kits and team uniforms for several years, and we pleasure ourselves on our information and skill while producing our merchandise. We are able to produce a lot of different clothes counting gym wear, team kits, track and field sportswear and relaxed sports clothing.

Our factory is fully equipped modern machinery and printing techniques so that all requirements can be met with ease. We can work in a variety of materials including Polyamide, Spandex, Lycra, Bee Netting, Cotton and Polyester. Moreover, our design team can help you to create a unique design that suits your needs.

We hope you feel free to make contact with us so that one of our team members can talk about your individual requirements thoroughly with you.


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Naveed Afzal
Managing Director CrossWear